Corporate Yoga

Happy Employees Do Matter!
Gain a competitive edge in your company
and Improve your workplace.

Sitting for long periods and the general sedentary lifestyle that is part of the modern corporate lifestyle takes its toll on the health of employees in measurable ways. Giving employees the tools to counter stress and the effects of 5 days of typical office work is an idea that is rapidly gaining popularity with corporations wishing to gain a competitive edge.

Corporate Yoga sessions greatly improve morale, increase productivity and is a welcome and relaxing way to de-stress during a busy work day or hectic conference schedule.

Corporate Yoga Jen Fedorowiz teachingPhotoBenefits of Corporate Yoga for Businesses

  • Improves productivity, concentration and decision making;
  • Reduces sick days and healthcare premiums;
  • Promotes teamwork and camaraderie;
  • Improves job satisfaction-leading to less turnover.

Benefits of Yoga for Employees

  • Reduce stress and tension;
  • Improve focus and concentration;
  • Relieve head and neck strain, carpal tunnel, high blood pressure;
  • Improves posture and flexibility;
  • Improves outlook, inspiring a better day.

Words from our latest group of corporate participants…

  • “I liked the short meditation to use while at work. – NICE!”
  • “I liked how simple and peaceful this is… Thank You! “
  • “Great techniques I can use daily – Thank you, very informative!”
  • “Learned how to release stress through easy exercises that can be done at the office and home.”
  • “Leaned how powerful yoga is for better health!”
  • “Everything is very useful. Thank you so much!”



Jen Fedorowicz leading corporate Yoga sessionSessions held at Your Business Site-
$150 for a 45 minute intro class *
A certified teacher will come to your space.

We can provide mats for those that don’t have their own if notified ahead of time.

(*includes $25. travel fee
up to 35 miles)

Sessions held at Shine Yoga Studio-
Cost: $100. up to 5 employees
$20. each additional employee

Call today to find out available times. 757-472-9009

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