Shine Yoga Owner Jen FedorowiczI was a stressed out elementary school teacher, single mother  with chronic back and sciatic nerve pain. In 2000 I discovered yoga. It wasn’t immediate, but after I started practicing regularly I noticed less and less back pain and I started to handle stress better. After awhile when I felt anxious or stressed I would say to myself, “I need yoga.”  Yoga became the calm my life needed. I began to learn what being ‘mindful” meant and using the breath and techniques that yoga taught me I became a happier more peaceful mom, wife and person.

Ultimately, I did have back surgery in 2007, but my recovery was quick and easy and I equate that to my regular yoga practice. I started to share yoga with friends and colleagues because I wanted everyone to experience this joy that yoga brought to my life. When my home became too small for the friends who wanted to bring their friends to my classes I opened Shine. Now I get to do what I love everyday, share the JOY of YOGA.

My classes are infused with the idea that you have more control over your energy than you realize. A yoga practice helps you to be more in tune with your own energy and you begin to experience how your thoughts are the directing force in your life. In addition,  I am a reiki master and provide private reiki session with clients on my Biomat. Call me to schedule a private session to raise your vibration, ease pain and feel more at ease in life. You can learn more about amazing benefits of the Biomat, or purchase your own at


Shine Yoga Teacher JuneJune came to yoga with chronic pain injuries from her Tae Kwon Do days. She was seeking a more “body-friendly” holistic practice. Not only did yoga soothe her aches and pains, but it calmed her mind too. She was hooked and couldn’t wait to share the gift of yoga with others. After practicing for a number of years, she completed a teacher training program at Studio Bamboo Institute of yoga, Virginia Beach in 2010-11.

June’s passion is guiding students to respect their abilities and limitations; to challenge themselves whilst being kind to their bodies. She believes that yoga can be modified to suit every student regardless of fitness level, flexibility or life-stage. Her teaching focuses on the precision alignment of Iyengar yoga, coupled with multi-level vinyasa, blended with history, philosophy and humor.

June is registered as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT200 hr) with Yoga Alliance. Originally from the UK, she lives in Virginia Beach with her husband and twin boys.


Shine Yoga Instructor Robert SturtOriginally from Philadelphia , Virginia Beach became home for Robert in 1990 after a long career competing in outdoor motocross. After involvement in tennis, running and mountain biking, he was introduced to yoga while recovering from severe sciatica. Robert fell in love with yoga immediately, and completed 200 hr training with Yax Yoga concepts in 2012 . “The eight limb path of yoga has offered a menu of life changing focuses that I am passionate to share with others. I feel so blessed to be able to do this “. Currently teaching yoga with the City of Virginia Beach MHSA program, Robert has recently started teaching indoor paddleboard classes as well. He offers a relaxing, laid back fun atmosphere. An avid outdoors-man his passions include canoeing , stand up paddleboarding , fishing and nature photography .



Michelle Moore Shine Yoga InstructorI started practicing yoga in 2008 and dove deeper into the knowledge of the practice through breath work and meditation a couple years later. In 2011 I enrolled in Teacher Training in Virginia Beach and I became 200hr certified later that year. I taught regularly for over three years and enjoyed the relationships I formed with those who came to practice on their mats with me, however, an opportunity fell into my lap at the end of 2014 and I went back to hospitality. I am now once again, able to come back to my passion of teaching others while balancing my other career. To truly know yoga is to know love, compassion, humbleness and gratitude. I enjoy assisting others on their journey and helping them let go of judgment of themselves in an effort to embrace all that is possible for them to experience. Having worked briefly with Jen in the past at Shine, it’s a blessing to be able to come back and be part of such a lovely, welcoming studio with fantastic teachers, all who bring something special to their classes. I’m honored to place my mat in the Shine studio and practice and teach with those around me.


Shine Yoga Instructor Akal Prem Kaur Nineteen ninety-seven was the beginning of my yoga journey; a journey that has taught me how to live a happy, healthy and holy life. I turned to yoga as a result of being frustrated with my lifestyle and failed attempts to lose weight.  I found I could perform basic postures and, subsequently, began to lose weight. The more I practiced the deeper I became grounded with a new found passion.  It is through this passion that a desire for teaching was fostered.  Anyone can do yoga.  All it takes is the dedication to show up on your mat.

I completed my first 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Aura Wellness Center in Maryland in June of 2006.  In December of 2010 I completed a second 200 hour teacher training with Zen Hot Yoga.  I have continued my education with specialty workshops including pre-natal, kids’ yoga, arm balance & inversions, meditation, Yoga 101 and partner yoga as well as Yin and Restorative yoga. I have been the Director of the Zen Hot Yoga 200 hour teacher training program as well.  I have partaken in a Sanskrit workshop with acclaimed yogi Graham Schweig, Ph. D.  I am also enrolled in the 300 hour Ayurveda teacher training program at Kripalu.

We are always students, learning and growing.  In my personal growth the lineage of Kundalini Yoga has called to me.  This beautiful practice incorporates breath work, mantra, asana, chanting, and meditation for a complete practice.  I strive to share all that I learn, through my own practice and the shared knowledge of my teachers.  Part of this lineage is to be gifted with a spiritual name.  A spiritual name is a designated destiny, a heavenly identity.  I have been gifted with the name Akal Prem Kaur which in it’s most basic form mean “undying love”.

I am honored to share your time and your trust as we travel this journey together.
Sat Nam


Shine Yoga Teacher Karen BabcockKaren first found yoga in 2004 after the birth of her second son, shortly after leaving corporate America.

Karen holds specialties in yoga therapy, back therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga for the larger body, seniors yoga, chair yoga, kids, yoga for eating disorders and Pilates.  Karen has had many and nearly countless inspirational teachers along the way.

Her philosophy is that yoga should be accessible and safe for everybody. We should each be honoring our bodies where they are on any given day. Each time we step on our mat it’s a new opportunity to transform mind, body and spirit. And on a grander scale, that gives us opportunity to transform the world around us on our journeys to be the best version of ourselves that we can be on each given day.

Yoga is a practice, enjoy the journey.


Jeanette Gokoskey Shine Yoga Teacher PhotoJeanette found her love for yoga after trying yoga for knee issues she’s had since early in childhood, including multiple surgeries.  As she once again developed more severe knee pain and issues later in adulthood she decided to try yoga and was pleased with the positive results she experienced with the healing of her knee.  Jeanette, never being able to participate in athletic activities due to the severity of her knee issues, was in shock when she saw what her body was capable of with the consistent practice of yoga.  Not only did yoga help her to physically improve in so many ways but it also helped her to deal with stress in a more effective manner.

Jeanette’s classes are light hearted, she likes to create an atmosphere that will make you work your body in a joy filled way.  Her main goal is that you get to be the best version of you; not only become physically better but leave her class with a sense of positivity.

Jeanette resides in Virginia Beach with her husband and their four busy active children.








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