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Energy Healing

Energy Codes For Healing

Energy Codes For Healing

August 10
STOP just surviving and start THRIVING!


Saturday, August 10
1  – 4 PM

Ready to stop surviving your life and start THRIVING!? Jen is a facilitator of The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter. In this workshop we will review the Energy Codes and focus specifically on healing. You will be guided through the practices of breathwork, meditation and yoga to awaken your spiirt and bring healing into your body, relationships and your life.

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Kundalini Workshop

Kundalini Bootcamp

Kundalini Bootcamp

Aug 26-30

Aug 26th – Aug 30th

6:30 – 7:45 am


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You come into the program with your intent— which is at the level of the soul. Your intention combined with prana (life-force energy) is the most powerful way to move the mind in the direction you want it to go. That intent is energized by the regular practice, over the duration of the boot camp, moving you past the blocks and habits in your mind.

The Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp is not for everyone, and that’s cool. However, it’s been proven, solidly, again and again that Kundalini Yoga works, no matter how small the dose. A three minute meditation can change your life forever, if done with commitment and consistency. It really is that powerful a science.

The Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp gives you compounded energy— like compound interest. Your commitment combined with consistent practice over the length of the program, plus the energy of the like-minded group, creates a quantum effect. Your energy and effort, combined with the group’s energy and commitment, creates leverage, which opens a powerful space and benefits all involved.

Doing the practice daily for a period of time, whether it be 7 days, 10 days or 40 days, synchronizes you with the surrounding environmental and universal bio-rhythms. It puts you in sync and creates and experience of flow instead of obstructions and obstacles. It’s going with the current of your spirit instead of against it. The Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp creates a multiplied effect– it’s like those moving sidewalks at the airport. You walk the same as always, but you go faster and get places easier because there’s an added energy moving you and your intent, and it increases your power.


You have a mind. Your mind, for the most part, operates sub-consciously. The sub-conscious mind is where the bad habits and blockages hang out. 90% of the sub-conscious mind is under the surface, hidden from sight… just like an iceberg. What you’re conscious of is only the tip of the iceberg. Since most of the mind operates automatically, beneath the surface, many problems and habits we wish we could change are also part of this hidden mind. That is why many find it difficult to change.


We are infinite beings and the mind has the ability to interface between you, the limited body-mind and the infinite soul. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a technology which clears the sub-conscious mind. When you clear the sub-conscious mind, you open up a flow of the soul in you.

All the energy that was going toward running the sub-conscious thought programs, i.e., bad habits, now goes toward your intent and what you want to achieve. This gives you greater intuition and frees up more of your life energy. With this new insight, awareness and added energy, you can move through the events in your life with more peace of mind, enjoyment and progress.


The Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp was created as a way for people, whether beginner or advanced, to have an experience of consistent practice over 7, 10 or 40 days. With consistency and self-discipline (i.e. showing up,) practitioners begin to experience their own energy and strength and that pushes them past perceived limits and disabilities. This is a victory which you carry with you, and you feel it, because you experienced it out of your own energy.

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Summer Vacation Visitors

Summer Vacation Visitors

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