Why Shine?

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“I joined shine yoga about 6 weeks ago & my only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago.   Jen & all the instructors have such a passion & warmth about them & make everyone feel welcome.  They are so knowledgeable and can make any necessary modifications for each individuals need. I truly think we could all benefit from it as it is good for the mind, body & soul . ” — Cheryl S., 2016


“I have found going 3 or more times a week keeps me balanced and able to face any challenges that come up with my life. Shine yoga has taught me how to take the lessons learned on the mat and apply them to my life. The result is I am living a much more peaceful and joyful life… It must be working as my 12 year old tween just recently commented on how much calmer I am when I practice yoga.” 😉  —Cynthia Briscoe, 2016 Summer Tribe Member


“This is one of the best down to earth and informative yoga studios in TideWater. It has a true good community feel …weather it’s your first practice or you are a YOGI from years past You will feel and be welcomed and assisted. So glad they came into my life. “—Ralph, 2016 Summer Tribe Member


“I walked in to Shine Yoga on a whim one year ago and am so glad I did! Jen immediately charmed me. Having only experienced rec center yoga, I love the personal attention you get from all of the instructors. The environment is warm and welcoming. Yin was a brand new experience for me, and this combined with flow classes has reduced my stress and helped me weather job challenges and aging parents. I look forward to every class, and am so happy that Shine Yoga is a part of my life! “—Cheryl, 2016 Summer Tribe Member


“I have been going to Shine since it opened and I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in! 🙂 I started my practice at Shine and have been to a few different yoga studios since then, but none of them have the same warm, relaxing, non judgmental vibe that I feel at Shine. I currently teach indoor cycling and, although I enjoy all the different class types, the slow flow and Yin classes especially help me counteract the tight hips and ankles that can come from cycling. I especially enjoy Jenns classes. She always has a knack for finding the right pose or saying the right thing to help me work through the tension whether it’s in my body, my mind or both!”
— Charlie Watts, 2016


“I feel better than I’ve felt in years, and even my family and friends say I seem like a new person. In 2012 I had a terrible accident while riding a horse. I fractured my back, neck, and skull and became virtually immobile for years. Nothing seemed to help my pain and it seemed like all I could do was sit in a chair. I was on the verge of despair when a close friend suggested I try yoga. So I called Jen at Shine. All I can say is that Jen and yoga changed my life. Her gentle, compassionate guidance gave me the confidence I needed to begin a regular practice. In time, and despite my injuries, I got back into life again. My pain lessened, and my entire outlook changed: anxiety, stress, anger—gone.   — R. Rusbuldt, 2016


“Shine yoga is a small studio with a delightfully warm and welcoming atmosphere. Talented and caring yoga teachers offer a wide range of classes throughout each week. No sweaty, shouting gym jocks! Everyone is welcomed and accommodated with love, regardless of age, size or skill level. You will never feel uncomfortable. Cheerful studio, wonderful staff, fun students. We all leave every class feeling happy!” — Sybil M., 2016


“Shine is a wonderful place to practice yoga!”  Jen and the other instructors are always warm and welcoming and I feel at home there.  Their knowledge and commitment to teaching yoga is evident in the classes held at Shine.  It’s my happy place! — Mary A., 2016
“Shine has already restored lost flexibility,helped fix my lower back problem and I leave every session feeling more relaxed, at peace and happier. Go to Shine Yoga & feel better!! Being around Jen is relaxing all by itself! Haley (sp) will challenge your capabilities… —John Burnett, 2016


“Shine Yoga radiates a positive vibe 24/7! 
I took advantage of their one-week introductory offer ($20) and was hooked.  A wide variety of classes, levels and times each day make it easy to be consistent with my practice of yoga.  Did I mention that I was 52, overweight, with chronic bad knees & hips tighter than a drum.  No worries, Jen and all of her instructors guide and recommend modifications every step of the way.  I feel better, sleep better, eat less and have more energy than I have had in years.  My yoga practice will continue to shine brightly because I feel like Family at Shine Yoga.” 🙂 — John. P., 2015


“We go through life with all this weight on us from stress, disappointment, anxiety We get so used to it, we don’t even realize how it makes us feel.  I started yoga 18 months ago at Shine.  I don’t know where the magic is, whether it’s the classes, the instructors, or just the positive vibe, but I have rediscovered my joy, and just plain feeling good!” —Kathleen Inman, 2015 


“I just finished my Stand Up Paddle board class with Hallie and it was great! Hallie is super fun and there’s no pressure for those of us who are newer. I fell off the board constantly and she was very understanding, while teaching me how to do poses correctly. I love Shine Yoga and can’t wait to come back!” —K’nowelle R. Young, 2015


“This is the best studio. All the instructors are fabulous & true healers. I am coming off a knee injury & need special attention for my recovery, they are so knowledgeable & tuned into your personal needs. The students are an eclectic group so I never feel intimated. I HIGHLY recommend coming here to start or continue your yoga journey.”
—T.S. Handler, 2015


“My vacation to Sandbridge, VA near Virginia Beach turned into a yoga retreat because of Shine Yoga.  They offer a great package for out-of-towners wishing to maintain a yoga practice while on vacation at the beach.  Starting my day at Shine made my day at the beach more relaxing because I was able to fully relax my mind, body, and soul.  I just booked my vacation at the same place next year because of Shine Yoga.  I’m already looking forward to my yoga retreat in 2016.” — Craig L., 2015


“I have severe arthritis in my knees and was barely able to do any of the poses when I started at Shine six months ago. Jen encouraged me to only do what my body was capable of, and showed me many modifications. Today I am active and vibrant again with little or no arthritis pain. I have also gained an incredible inner peace. Thanks Jen and Shine Yoga!” —Lynn Marie Edwards, 2014


“I am so excited for Shine Yoga! I have been taking yoga classes with Jen and can honestly say it has helped add a balance to my life. I had never taken a yoga class before and she made the classes so comfortable. I am looking forward to more class availability with Jen and to take classes with new instructors she will invite to teach!”   —Kim H. 2014


“Shine Yoga is an amazing studio and Jen is an awesome practitioner. Her passion and love for yoga and meditation shines from her huge smile she has everyday! My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed each class we practiced in and are looking forward to the endless possibilities of our body, mind and spirit at Shine Yoga.” —Marisol Nieves, 2014


Went to an amazing yoga class this morning at Shine Yoga to try to work out the problem with my hip prior to the marathon on Sunday. The class was amazing!!! Jen Fedorowicz really knows what she’s doing. My hip feels great and if I was rich, I would pay to bring her with me to DC so that she could stretch me out right before the run. If you haven’t been to Shine yet, get there. Yoga is just amazing and one of these days I’ll get around to doing it more than once a week…and I know just where I’ll go. Thanks, Jen! I know today’s class did wonders for me!”— Andrea Denton, 2014


“This is my first experience with Yoga, and it has been great. Truly feel rejuvenated and less stressed after going to lunch break sessions. Jen is a great instructor, very welcoming, and has a soothing voice.” —Holly Logan, 2014


“Beautiful!” —Helen Campbell, 2014

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